This is my first blog post! Pumped to be getting this in! All of the work on the site is original work. I'm still cleaning up the finer details and adding all the content but it's all there for the most part. I've been working on getting the layout and design of the site squared away recently. It's been a long time in the making. It's been very difficult for me to follow through with creating this portfolio site. I've always struggled with self doubt. Asking myself questions like "Am I good enough?" "What will people think of my work?". Self promotion has always been uncomfortable for my like I'm being cocky and underserving of praise. If you don't put yourself out there you are never vulnerable. If you never fully commit you can never fully fail. That was my thinking, aimed at protecting my ego from the "what ifs". 

But that constant sheltering of your ego becomes its prison. You're relegated to never knowing if you'll succeed because you're never willing to be vulnerable (at least I wasn't). Eventually you come to the point where you realize that it doesn't matter if you succeed. That the only thing worse than failure is not having tried at all.