Recently I've been seeing a lot of exposure blending and light painting. The techniques involve taking a series of photographs, maybe adding flashes in select areas, or changing the shutter or aperture between shots. Then you can combine exposures in PhotoShop and create magical looking High Dynamic Range shots. Single exposure shots don't often capture the full vibrance or sheer awesomeness that the human eye can. Sometimes it's necessary to use techniques like HDR to capture what you're actually seeing. 

The other day I took a trip with some friends out to Lick Observatory on Mt. Hamilton, outside of San Jose, CA. It's one of the highest points, if not the highest point in the area. Where am I going with this? Well being one of the highest points around, Lick Observatory sees some incredibly epic sunrises. Sunrises that make the sky look like they're going to start raining fire. 

Here are some exposure blending shots from Lick.