Borgonovo Glassware

Borgonovo is a glassware company founded in the 1950's in Italy. They do high volume direct to business sales for large clients like hotels, restaurants, and resorts. This project was intended to create packaging for the consumer market. The original Borgonovo logo was spruced up and a colorful system was created to distinguish the various glasses being sold. The color identifies the particular type of glass ware contained in the box. The idea behind the packaging was to create a box that wasn't a box. The walls of the box were removed, and internal support was added, so that the glassware could be easily viewed. Clear plastic exteriors were added to prevent customers from physically touching the glasses and leaving fingerprints. The packing is an entirely original creation from concept to production.

If you'd like to see Borgonovo Glassware's current identity, you can do so here: